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An Interactive Game Experience

A transdisciplinary collaboration between Katerina Zacharia and Marientina Gotsis.

The game received the fall 2021 "Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities" award from the Society for Classical Studies.

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A Systematic Review of Stakeholder Perspectives on Cognitive Effects of Brain Stimulation

Poster presented at the 2020 International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting, Virtual Conference, USC students Flynn, G., Goldstruck, J., Kuligowski, M., Diaz, D., and Professors Zacharia, K., Gotsis, M. & Song, D



A Stimulating Night of Neurotechnology

Story World Development, Narrative Design for Livewire in collaboration with Garrett Flynn and Marientina Gotsis. Also provided co-production consulting to the USC Visions and Voices event Livewire: A Stimulating Night of Neurotechnology. This event was part of the Brains@Play Initiative which Prof. Gotsis cofounded and also included an International Design Fiction Competition for neurotechnology-based games, for which I served as one of the judges.


Compassionate Technologies

Foundations & Practicum
USC Summer School in crete 2019

Keynote speaker, film-discussant, and one of the three key-instructors for the new intensive summer school on “Compassionate Technologies: Foundations & Practicum” in Heraklion, Crete in Greece in collaboration with the University of Crete Medical school and the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center.

Dear Mom VR .webp

Dear Mom
Interactive Virtual reality project

Narrative Advisor and mentor for Dear Mom to Ama Inc., an award-winning virtual reality production company led by Awu Chen, toward their new immersive VR experience Mother’s Day gift, and interactive 360-degree VR short film Dear Mom, about the generational and cultural conflicts between a struggling Chinese-American artist and her traditional Chinese mother.


The project was funded by Facebook and was a finalist out of 691 submissions from 35 countries for the BAFTA Student Film Awards and received honorable mention in VR for Change.

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