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Dr. Katerina Zacharia is a Professor of Classics, Greek history and culture expert, writer and narrative design consultant, dramaturge, filmmaker, producer, on-air host/reporter.

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

1999 - present

Professor of Classics. Her academic and professional work explores Greek identity formation and myths of origin narratives in visual culture (photography, theatre and film). 

Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

​2006 - present

Consultant on matters of Letters and the Arts. Dramaturge and producer of theatrical performances, seminars, and workshops.

Stanford Repertory Theatre, CA

​2012 - 2018


Artistic Associate and Consultant.



USC, School of Cinematic Arts,

​Creative Media & Behavioral Health Centre,

and University of Crete, Medical School

Summer 2019


Producing Partner.

Faculty Instructor, and film discussion moderator.




Hellenic American University, Athens

​2010 - 2018


Study Abroad Program Collaborator.


Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (2012-present)

Director of Education (2015-present)

Programmer (2015-2018)

Jury member (2014)

Internships supervisor (2014-present)

Speaker (2012)


Alexander S. Onassis Public Foundation, Athens

Spring 2011

Foreign Research Fellow. 


The Heritage Management Organization, Athens

Fall 2010

Visiting Senior Research Fellow.



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