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A new theater for the 21st century

Professor Katerina Zacharia offers her insights on the origins of theatre and the emergence of a new theatre for the 21st century for the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, her long-term collaborators who hosted her global immersions Greek Tragedy in performance course from 2016-18.

Euripides' Hecuba


2018 Stanford Repertory Theatre Artistic Associate

Casting Director, Greek translation /supertitles for a production of Euripides' Hecuba at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens in September 2018.

Symposium speaker, “Women of Troy in Film”; Film discussant for SRT’s film festival, “Women in Resistance: Films of Cacoyannis and Von Trotta" at Stanford University in July-August 2018.

The Wanderings of Odysseus

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Speaker and Producing Partner

Stanford Summer Theatre adaptation of Homer's Odyssey V-VIII with original music with workshops and seminars for theater professionals in September 2012.

First year of series “Ancient Drama: Influences and Modern Approaches” 2012-2014 at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Funded by the EU, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Hellenic Republic.

Ancient Drama: Influences and Contemporary Approaches

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Consultant and Producing Partner for Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF)


In 2012, Prof. Zacharia organized an extensive program of workshops, and seminars and performances in connection with Stanford Repertory Theater’s (SRT) adaptation of Homer's Odyssey for Greek actors and theater experts, working closely with SRT director Rush Rehm.


Video by Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation.


Michael Cacoyannis' Lysistrata

Co-Producer and Speaker

Producer for the US University Tour in fall 2006 for Cacoyannis' cabaret adaptation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata.

Moderator for Q & A with actors Maia Morgenstern and Vladimir Ivanov, and pianist Alkis Kollias.

Host and Speaker, Retrospective of Michael Cacoyannis’ films.

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